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Give your pet a best friend!

Let your pets be consistently active and gives them treats when you’re away from home! We highly recommend this to pet owners who want to bring closure to pets that are home alone for a long time, for pets with various characteristics of very active, not active, and or not eating well, and want to train pets.

Treat tossing

VARRAM PET FITNESS is tossing your pet’s favorite treats. Treat box that’s located in the robot is the appropriate size to insert hard treats. With the app, you can, not only toss treats manually, but also schedule number of treat toss and amount of treats for automatic drive.


Play Manually

You can play manually within the app via Bluetooth connection. Robot can not only move forward and backwards, but also toss treats with more than 16 various preset motions and sounds to engage your pets. 


Scheduled Play

When you schedule play times and number of treat toss, it will automatically move and start tossing treats with the respective setup. And you can also schedule resting time! Contains battery that can last over 24 hours resting time and when using continuously, it lasts 4 hours keeping your pets active.


Activity Monitoring

With sensors, the robot can recognize pets movements and will populate activity data through the app. Activity data will be available various formats, daily, weekly, and monthly.




Weight 1.5pound(300g)
Dimensions 6.5x4.05 in.(16.5x12.7x10.3cm)
Wireless Connection BT 4.2
Battery Type Li-Polymer 3.7V 800mAh
Running Time Working Time 4hour
Operating Temperature 14~114℉(-10~45℃)
Input Power DC 5V
Material FDA approved Polycarbonate & Silicone

In the boxRobot_component

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