VARRAM's treat dispenser is designed to easily separate from the Pet Fitness robot. The mouth of the dispenser is also easily detachable for effortless cleaning.

It only takes 3 hours to fully charge VARRAM Pet Fitness, and with one charge will last over 24 hours. (50minutes sleep, 10 minutes exercise) Even if you move continuously, it will last 4 hours to keep your pet active.

Step 1. Please use the micro USB charger cable that was included in your package to charge the robot.

Step 2. Lift the hatch behind the robot and plug the micro USB charger cable into the micro USB port. 

Step 3. Turn OFF the robot before charging. If the robot is charging while the robot is ON, it will not charge properly and may appear to have battery issues when using. 

Yes, we provide free VARRAM application that connects to your VARRAM Pet Fitness with Bluetooth for both Android and iPhones.

There are products that reward your pets with treats when it's shaken or bitten that also move. But these products cannot schedule the time to treat your pets. VARRAM Pet Fitness has obstacle detecting sensor to drive automatically and reward your pet on scheduled times. It's a perfect way to keep your pet active and stimulated.

VARRAM Pet Fitness uses Bluetooth to control manually and it moves automatically. But, you cannot connect from outside.

VARRAM Pet Fitness is made for both cats and dogs. We provide an attachable accessory designed for cats.